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Superyacht interiors and on board art

Art at Sea Symposium 2018

Protection of Art and Superyacht Interiors: the practical care of art at sea

Come and join the debate, led by industry experts, to create cross industry best practice standards relating to protection of art in working marine interiors. To find out more about the day, who'll be speaking and for booking information please follow the link below.

Art at Sea Symposium

Caring for superyacht interiors and on board art

Fine art is one of few appreciating assets to be found on board a yacht. With the appropriate care strategies in place and a trained crew in collections care, you have the knowledge that your most valuable assets are best cared for.

Our Corporate Conservation Membership utilizes our world renowned expertise in conservation and collections management, and extensive superyacht interior experience, to deliver bespoke training and collections care packages incorporating yacht-specific interior management plans.

We deliver practical strategies to safeguard the physical and financial integrity of art at sea and marine interiors. Through adopting a personalised long term collections care strategy risk of loss can be significantly reduced.

How can we safeguard what’s precious to you?

Our Corporate Conservation Membership delivers bespoke training and collections care packages to create yacht-specific interior management plans.

In addition to continued professional support we’ll conduct comprehensive interior and collection surveys with integrated crew training focusing on the following key components:

Collections care

Good documentation and regular condition surveys of your assets will enable any material deterioration to be discovered early. This can reduce the need for costly remedial intervention if left untreated.

Documentation and logistics

The movement of art and artefacts is complicated and has become increasingly scrutinised. It is imperative to understand the potential pitfalls by ensuring legislative requirements are met, the necessary documentation available and emergency procedures ‎in place should the unthinkable happen.

Environmental monitoring and control

Art in a marine environment constantly respond to changes in humidity and temperature as well as being exposed to high light levels and pollutants. Understanding and managing your environment is key to safeguarding vulnerable art and objects.

Material identification and best care practices

By identifying and understanding interior materials and their inherent vulnerabilities, your crew will be enabled to provide the correct care and avoid costly mistakes. Creating a bespoke housekeeping manual ensures continuity of care through crew turnover and reduced interior refit and repairs.

Crew are key to the safety, care and material longevity of your art and interior. Invest in them by sharing the knowledge and tools needed to care for and manage the condition of your yacht’s interior, art collection and other valuables. By enabling them, with professional support, you will ensure best care practices to mitigate risk, unnecessary stress and financial loss.

We are just a phone call away whenever you need our support or advice.

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