Museum pests: how we keep our collections safe

The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre is on the front line when it comes to keeping Royal Museums Greenwich's objects safe from moths, insects and other damaging pests.

With thousands of objects to care for, one of our conservation team's key jobs is to protect the collection from these unwelcome guests.

The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre is at the heart of the museum's 'Integrated Pest Management' programme, designed to protect all of Royal Museums Greenwich's objects, archives and historic buildings.

But pests have no prejudice when it comes to what they destroy - whether it be it an 18th century naval uniform or your favourite wooly jumper.

As part of Heritage Open Days 2020, we caught up with three conservation experts to find out about how they identify, prevent and treat the damage caused by pests.

Along the way, we asked for their top tips for keeping our own clothes safe from moths and other tiny household dangers.

The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre is home to the Royal Museums Greenwich stored collections and state-of-the-art conservation studios