Meet the Vikings: Raiders, invaders, traders (KS2)


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Essential information

Key stage: 
Key Stage 2
School subject: 
Geography, History
National Maritime Museum
Session times: 
Mondays and Thursdays at 10.15, 11.30 and 13.00
Session price: 
£60 (maximum 30 students)

Vikings were great sailors, building sturdy ships and travelling huge distances. Their seafaring talents took them far and wide, as they raided and invaded other lands, and traded their goods. 

Our ‘Meet the Vikings’ session examines the skills and technologies they used to equip themselves for long sea journeys and the goods that Vikings traded across the known world.  

Dig up the past to examine Viking graves, vessels and artefacts, and step into the shoes of a Viking to discover how their sea-faring talents took them far and wide across the globe.

Pupils will:

• Investigate the Vikings as unique raiders, invaders and traders

• Handle replica artefacts and clothing to step into the shoes of a Viking

• Develop enquiry, reasoning and communication skills


PDF icon Vikings session outline


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