My First Visit – Monster Hunt (EYFS)


Visitor notice: We are pleased to announce that Royal Museums Greenwich is reopening. To find out more about which sites will be open and how to plan your visit, click here.

Essential information

Key stage: 
Early Years Foundation Stage
School subject: 
Geography, History, Literacy
National Maritime Museum
Session times: 
Thursdays at 10.15, 11.00, 12.20 and 13.05
Session price: 
£30 (maximum 15 pupils, 6 adults)

We’re going on a sea-monster hunt. We’re going to catch a big one...

Museums are wonderful places. Come on a journey of wonder and discovery, looking, touching – and even smelling – to explore the galleries and solve a mystery.

We sing and talk, ask questions, play games and take a really close look at the things around us.

We’re going on a sea-monster hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. Oh no! There’s a river! Shall we use real oars to row across the pretend water?

Let’s follow the clues. We’re going to ask questions, look around us and sing songs. We’ll have a big adventure looking for that monster at the museum.

(But don’t worry, the monster is very friendly.)

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EYFS areas of learning: Understanding the World, Communication and Language, Literacy

Booking a session

Sessions cannot be booked online, this is always done via an email or phone enquiry in the first instance.

To book a visit telephone 020 8312 6608 or e-mail

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