Explorer Day


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Essential information

Key stage: 
Key Stage 2
School subject: 
Geography, History
National Maritime Museum
Session times: 
Fridays 10.15-14.00
Session price: 
£60 per session, FREE for Greenwich schools

Discover incredible stories of exploration and how people have learned from one another to cross huge oceans and survive the most extreme environments on our planet

Launch into a voyage of discovery through at the National Maritime Museum to discover the skills which have enabled people to explore the four corners of the earth. We will investigate what makes a great explorer through handling objects, investigating galleries and museum collections and using the latest technology to discover incredible voyages from the past. 

This full day session includes sessions in our Pacific Encounters and Polar Worlds galleries learning about the first people to explore the biggest ocean on earth and the people who learned the skills to survive in the extreme cold of the Arctic and Antarctic. Pupils will also take part in a brand new trail exploring the Museum and learning about how explorers have shared their incredible discoveries. Lastly they will use Augmented reality software to explore the Great Map in the museum to learn about historic voyages of exploration and the problems faced by the people who made them

Pupils will:

• learn about and assess the skills that are most important to explorers

• find out about different historical and contemporary explorers from around the world, and draw comparisons between them

• interact with museum artefacts and develop their investigation skills

Booking a session

Sessions cannot be booked online, this is always done via an email or phone enquiry in the first instance.

To book a visit telephone 020 8312 6608 or e-mail bookings@rmg.co.uk

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