Spanish Armada Enquiry Day (KS3)


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Essential information

Key stage: 
Key Stage 3
School subject: 
National Maritime Museum
Session times: 
Wednesdays at 10.15 -14.15
Session price: 
Free (maximum 90 students)

This session offers privileged access to the Museum’s hidden treasures as your students unpick the dramatic and compelling story of the Spanish Armada.

This rich and varied study day develops students’ topic knowledge as well as their skills in independent enquiry, research and presentation. Consider why the Spanish Armada failed using handling objects and world famous artwork.

Behind the scenes, students look at 400-year-old manuscripts, too delicate for public display, including letters from Philip II of Spain and Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s ‘spymaster’, they analyse real and replica objects as historical evidence, and investigate Tudor treasures in a gallery based enquiry trail.

Working independently and in groups, the students will present their answers to the question ‘Did England defeat Spain 1588-89?’

Sessions specifically tailored to meet GCSE and A level requirements are also available. To discuss this contact the museum learning team  via

PDF icon KS3 Session outline: Historical enquiry study day - The Spanish Armada

PDF icon KS3 Session outline: The Spanish Armada Study Day - History and Citizenship

Booking a session

Sessions cannot be booked online, this is always done via an email or phone enquiry in the first instance.

To book a visit telephone 020 8312 6608 or e-mail

National Maritime Museum and the Queen's House schools booking information

Pre-visit preparation and information

On arrival, you will be given a timetable for the day’s activities. Students will participate in activities which will encourage them to formulate their own ideas and opinions throughout the day. However, some prior preparation would also be of use in order to maximise their learning experience.

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