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We offer a wide variety of onsite curriculum-linked sessions catering for Foundation Stage to Post-16 at Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark. Search our schools sessions below by museum, subject and Key Stage.

Please download and print one of our gallery trails to accompany an independent self-led visit with your class.

Key stage 2 school groups booking a visit to the Museum can choose a free session in our All Hands children's gallery for an exciting day of activities.

A self-directed trip allows you to tailor your Cutty Sark visit to the needs of your class. The ship’s stories, fabric and structure offer a wide range of opportunities to link a visit to the curriculum.

Sensory Seas is a multi-sensory museum session developed especially for school groups with SEND. 

Explore maps and play games at both Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum to discover how journeys and trade connect the world.

This session offers privileged access to the Museum’s hidden treasures as your students unpick the dramatic and compelling story of the Spanish Armada.

Meet Captain Woodget, Cutty Sark’s most daring master and hear his incredible stories of life at sea. Has your class got what it takes to join his crew?

Bring your class to the National Maritime Museum to explore our special exhibition The Great British Seaside.

Open up the shopping bag and find out what’s for breakfast. Who planted the tea, picked the bananas or roasted the coffee beans? How is chocolate made and where does sugar come from?

A rare opportunity to hear astrophysicists talk about the latest research in the fields of astronomy, physics, planetary geology and space exploration.