Museums and galleries, historic parks and pubs, sweeping views and superb shopping: Greenwich is unique in London, combining world class attractions with a charming village vibe.

Start planning your visit today with our picks of the best things to do in Greenwich.

Step aboard a London icon

A woman in a red cardigan stands on the deck of Cutty Sark admiring the view towards Canary Wharf

Cutty Sark is the world’s sole-surviving tea clipper – a legendary 19th-century ship that used to bring tea back from China at record-breaking speeds.

Now the ship takes pride of place in the heart of Greenwich. Book a ticket and explore every part of the ship, from the glorious views of the main deck to the rich delights of the lower hold. The adventure ends beneath the ship itself, as you walk through the dry dock with the gleaming copper hull above your head.

Visit Cutty Sark

Royal Museums Greenwich aerial view

Find the best views of the city

Climb to the top of the hill in Greenwich Park and outside the Royal Observatory you will find a fantastic viewpoint in front of the statue of General Wolfe. It's beautiful whenever you visit, but head here at sunset and watch the shimmering lights of London break into life.

But that's not all Greenwich has to offer: space and symmetry abound at Sir Christopher Wren's Baroque masterpiece, the Old Royal Naval College. The elegant building's iconic twin domes perfectly frame the Queen’s House when viewed from the river.

Walk in famous footsteps at the Queen's House

A woman stands looking up at the spiral staircase in the Queen's House known as the Tulip Stairs

If you're a fan of Bridgerton or The Crown, the Queen's House might already feel very familiar. The classic building has become a popular filming location thanks to its sweeping views and stunning architecture.

But the Queen's House is so much more than a film set.

Great works by world-famous artists grace the walls, from J.M.W. Turner and Canaletto to Turner Prize winner Richard Wright. The building too is an artwork in its own right, designed by the architect Inigo Jones as the first classical building in Britain.

The jewel in the Queen's House crown is the iconic Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, taking pride of place in the Queen's Presence Chamber.

Visit the Queen's House


Browse the stalls at Greenwich Market

Vibrant Greenwich Market has been trading for centuries. A stone’s throw from Cutty Sark, this covered market, with its cobblestone floor and elegant portico, hosts dozens of unique designer-makers, vintage and handmade clothing sellers and street food vendors offering a tempting range of treats from around the world. It’s a first port-of-call for collectors of all stripes and an essential stop on any Greenwich shopping itinerary.

Stand on the Prime Meridian Line

A close up of a woman's feet as she walks along the Prime Meridian Line in Greenwich, the line marking Greenwich Mean Time

Take a hike through hilly Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory, to travel through space and time.

Commissioned by King Charles II, the site incorporates the Christopher Wren-designed Flamsteed House – historic home to Britain's Astronomers Royal – as well as London’s Planetarium. Stand astride the historic Prime Meridian Line, where east meets west, uncover the history of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and see clocks and timepieces that have changed the world.

Visit the Royal Observatory


Enjoy a Thames cruise

Ships like Cutty Sark were once a frequent sight on the River Thames, so why not journey from central London to Greenwich by boat? The trip on a Thames Clippers catamaran provides spectacular views of key London landmarks en route to Greenwich, including the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe. The boat at Greenwich stops right outside Cutty Sark.

Travel the world at the National Maritime Museum

Discover epic stories of exploration and endeavour that have shaped our world today at the National Maritime Museum.

Permanent galleries take visitors on a journey around the globe, from the diverse cultures of the Pacific to the changing climate of the Arctic and Antarctic. Temporary exhibitions take you even further: visit Astronomy Photographer of the Year for dazzling space photography, or head to Tudors To Windsors: British Royal Portraits to see some of Britain's finest portraits.

Visit the National Maritime Museum


Grab a drink by the river

If the walls of Greenwich’s historic pubs could talk, they’d have many a tale to tell of the seamen, sailors and river workers who used to frequent them.

Take a break from the sights and have a drink by the Thames.

Riverfront pubs the Cutty Sark Tavern and Trafalgar Tavern still have a maritime atmosphere (Charles Dickens was known to visit the latter), while the Plume of Feathers is the oldest pub in Greenwich, in business since 1691.

Eating and drinking in Greenwich

Seek out surprising art and sculpture

A photo of Antony Gormley sculpture Quantum Cloud at sunrise. The sculpture sits on a platform in the River Thames
Photo courtesy of Emily Lovell / The Line

Greenwich has long been associated with culture and creativity.

Alongside world-renowned art collections at the Queen’s House and National Maritime Museum, Greenwich’s outdoor spaces and the River Thames itself are home to an array of cutting-edge artworks.

From Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst to Yinka Shonibare, follow our walking tour of contemporary art installations and sculpture around Greenwich.

Follow the route


Roam through royal Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is the most historic of London’s eight Royal Parks. Originally used as a royal hunting ground, it’s now a wonderful spot for picturesque strolls and picnics under chestnut trees.

As well as the Royal Observatory and the world-famous Meridian Line, the 183 acres of hillside parkland encompass a beautiful rose garden, a boating pond and incredible views of the City of London and the Thames. There’s even a family of deer, said to be descended from Henry VIII’s original herd. It’s no surprise that it’s many a Londoners’ favourite city park.

Explore Greenwich Park

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