Collections by theme

The collections at Royal Museums Greenwich hold over 2.5 million items, including astronomical and navigational instruments, ship models and plans, coins, medals and flags, uniforms and weapons, plus historical art, film and photography. Find out more about all of our collections below.


Our collection focuses on three key areas: precision marine timekeeping for navigators, precision timekeeping for astronomers and the broader area of domestic timekeeping and time distribution.

The collection consists of excavated remains of boats and ships and associated material.


The National Maritime Museum holds a large and varied collection of astronomical and navigational instruments from astrolabes and armillary spheres to quadrants, nocturnals and sundials.


Our collection of around 5000 coins and medals has a connection to maritime history and Greenwich. 


Our decorative art and craft collections feature silver, ceramics, furniture, glass, jewellery, textiles and sailors' craftwork.


Royal Museums Greenwich holds one of the most significant art collections in Britain, including works by J.M.W. Turner, William Hodges, George Stubbs, Willem van de Veldes (Elder and Younger), Hans Holbein, William Hogarth and Thomas Gainsborough. 

A group of passengers with lifejackets aboard 'Kungsholm' (1966), undergoing life boat drill Waterline Collection, National Maritime Museum, London tile.jpg

The Waterline Collection consists of 16,500 photographs that tell the story of the leisure-cruising industry. 

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The National Maritime Museum's flag collection contains more than 1000 items, with most flags dating from the 18th century and includes Union Jacks, standards and banners and flags from war and conflict. 


The National Maritime Museum holds an extensive collection of weapons, including firearms, swords and daggers. 

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The National Maritime Museum holds the nation’s finest collection of historic maritime photographs.