Research guides

Search the range of research guides produced by the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum to help you carry out your own research on a wide range of topics. The guides provide information about the Museum's collections and also signpost to other sources for research into maritime history. 

This research guide outlines the system of certification from 1845 onwards, and explains how and where to find certificates and other records that will help you trace masters, mates and engineers.

This guide lists places which, like the National Maritime Museum, have records and information that will help you research various aspects of mercantile history.

There are many different aspects to merchant navy history and considerable information survives about British merchant ships, which you can explore.

This guide gives a brief introduction to the Board of Trade's official list of all British registered ships.

This guide outlines some ways in which you can trace information about merchant shipping wrecks, losses and casualties.

This guide outlines the main sources for researching the activities of merchant ships and their crews during the First World War.

This guide gives the main facts about RMS Titanic.

This guide lists printed material about RMS Titanic held in the Museum's Library.

This guide lists photographs, paintings, other images, artefacts and models of RMS Titanic held in the National Maritime Museum collections.

How to use the collections and Library of the National Maritime Museum to find out more about the history of the Titanic.