Dementia Action Week

Although Dementia Action Week has officially been postponed, we would still like to support those in our community who would benefit from dementia friendly activities. Please enjoy and share the resources and stimulus inspired by our collections. 

Dementia inclusive window sticker


Many everyday sayings have a nautical history and link to the National Maritime Museum collections. A selection of these collection items can be seen in the Sea Things Gallery

These sayings have inspired the activities below.

They have been designed to support personal creativity and self-expression, as well as being sensory and stimulating.

They offer the opportunity to: 

  • Engage and practice in fun problem solving
  • Use hand-eye coordination
  • Share and be social
  • Embrace the moment

 These materials are suggestions and you can use alternatives or scale up if you would like. All of the activities can be done from home. 

These activities have been developed in collaboration with the Caribbean Social Forum and Helen Shearn, Arts Manager and Occupational Therapist.

PDF icon Colours

PDF icon Eating together

PDF icon Love token

PDF icon Ropes and knots



Music plays an important part throughout our lives whether through listening, taking part or moving to it.

Increasingly, it is seen as a key feature of dementia care.

As dementia progresses, music can be used to enhance communication and wellbeing.

It stimulates different parts of the brain and so can help with expressing feelings and connecting with past memories, especially when the music is significant to certain moments in life.

We have curated various playlists to help connect with the sea.

The playlists range from songs selected in response to a beautiful seascape, to Britain’s most famous sea shanties. We hope you enjoy listening to old familiar tunes or discovering new ones.

Co-curated with the Caribbean social forum

Sea shanties 

Second World War - songs we remember 

In response to a seascape by John Everett

If you have any songs that remind you of the sea then please let us know via social media.

Useful links and support 

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Covid-19 dementia support