Ask an Astronomer

If you are a teacher with a class of curious students who all have space questions, never fear, we can help with that. Firstly, why not join our teacher forum so we can keep you up to date with any new resources we have? You can do that here. Then, fill in the ‘Ask the Astronomer’ form below with your student's questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We can also arrange video chats with teachers or groups of teachers to answer questions too. Just fill out the form and instead of adding children’s questions tell us you would like a video chat. Please note that with both the ‘Ask the Astronomer’ and video chat facilities we will do our very best to meet demand but we are limited so please stick with us.

Please enter what key stage your students are working to.
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There are two options when it comes to live chats. The first is with you and your class, the second is a group chat with you and your teaching colleagues as we also offer online CPD too. We use Zoom for our live chats and will send a link out to you in advance. You will then need to send this to your students or colleagues before the session begins so they know when to join in.
This is where you send us your questions and an astronomer will answer them in the form of a video. The astronomer will then send the video to you (the class teacher) so you can post it in your learning platform of choice for your students to see.
Please add your five questions in the box for our astronomer to take a look.
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