Digital Schools Workshops 2020-21: SEND

Find out what digital workshops are available for SEND students.

SEND Sensory Seas

Curriculum links: P Scales 1–3, 4–7 and 8–10; Drama, Geography, History, Literacy, Science, Communication

Session times: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10.30am and 1pm

Capacity: Up to 10 pupils per session

Price: £40

Duration: 45 minutes

Sail away on the Cutty Sark in this interactive digital session, using songs, rhymes and multisensory learning to discover what life is like on the high seas. Explore Antarctica and the Pacific Islands on your journey using the National Maritime Museum collection. We will provide you with a list of materials to prepare in advance of your digital voyage to bring the adventure alive for you and your pupils. There will be time in the workshop for a Q&A and we will provide follow-up activities to support further learning and creative responses.

How will it work?

Workshops are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We will send you a link when you book.

How to book

Online resources 

Learn to key word sign a sea shanty 

Listen to stories from storyteller Olivia Armstrong 




Discover how to make and use a sensory tray 


Finished sensory tray

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