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We offer a wide variety of onsite curriculum-linked sessions catering for Foundation Stage to Post-16 at Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark. Search our schools sessions below by museum, subject and Key Stage.These programmes aren't currently available but you can still take a look at what will be on offer ready when they are up and running again.  

This interactive story-telling session will take your class on an exciting journey on board Cutty Sark. Through play and exploration, children will discover what life was like on a real ship as they sail across the high seas with our facilitator.

This interactive story-telling session takes pupils on an exciting journey on board Cutty Sark.

Step into the shoes of the crew and embark on an unforgettable voyage aboard the ship. Taking a letter written by a young apprentice as a starting point, groups will use their senses to explore prop bags and clues before recreating a journey at sea through role play.  

Let’s set sail across the world aboard the Cutty Sark in this multi-sensory and participatory story-telling session.

This interactive story-telling session reveals how Cutty Sark got her name.

Discover some of the treasures of the Museum’s archive relating to polar exploration including objects, diaries and letters, and use detective skills to unpick who has created them and why. What can these sources tell us about the past? What don’t they tell us?

How do artists portray the personality, power and position of a person in a single portrait?

How do artists paint the sea?

Discover how you can apply the skills you learn at school in the arts and heritage industry 

Black British History is more than just the history of the Black experience or heroes. It is our shared British history and should be celebrated all year round.