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We offer a wide variety of onsite curriculum-linked sessions catering for Foundation Stage to Post-16 at Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark. Search our schools sessions below by museum, subject and Key Stage.

A self-directed trip allows you to tailor your Cutty Sark visit to the needs of your class. The ship’s stories, fabric and structure offer a wide range of opportunities to link a visit to the curriculum.

The Museum needs you to collect, record and present the data to discover where is the best place to store our new Acquisitions.

Use our vast collection to discover the world. 

In this part-facilitated/part-self-guided session, our skilled facilitator will introduce pupils and teachers to our tactile Discovery Map. You will then be encouraged to use the map to become the captain of your own voyage, exploring our galleries to discover life at sea and in far-off places through touch, smell, sound and sight.

Discover incredible stories of exploration and how people have learned from one another to cross huge oceans and survive the most extreme environments on our planet.

For EYFS (Foundation stage) groups we offer a flexible 'Discovery Day' programme. 

Royal Observatory Greenwich_banner.JPG

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has been selected as the specified site for the Restoration England portion of the 2018 specification. 

Discover our vast collection of historic maps and globes ​and see how the way we have seen the world had changed over the years.

A session that allows the learners to question and decide what are their values? Whilst developing their non-fiction reading skills.

Book a session on the Great Map as part of your school's visit to the National Maritime Museum.