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We offer a wide variety of onsite curriculum-linked sessions catering for Foundation Stage to Post-16 at Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark. Search our schools sessions below by museum, subject and Key Stage.

Vikings were great sailors, building sturdy ships and travelling huge distances. Their seafaring talents took them far and wide, as they raided and invaded other lands, and traded their goods. Our ‘Meet the Vikings’ session examines the skills and technologies they used to equip themselves for long sea journeys. 

For centuries, artists have found inspiration in the striking buildings - and more recently the world-class collections - of the National Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House.

We’re going on a sea-monster hunt. We’re going to catch a big one...

It’s dark at night even when the stars twinkle and the moon is bright. What helps us see? How about a torch? Or a HUGE light bulb?

Captain Drake has lost his treasure. We must find it for him!

Please download and print one of our gallery trails to accompany an independent self-led visit with your class.

Working with the 1851 Trust this Study Day at the National Maritime Museum will teach young people about the impact of waste plastics on the health of our oceans. Using the inspiration of Land Rover BAR, the British America’s Cup team, students will also learn about the science and technology behind this professional sports team. 

Picture Yourself is a one day careers challenge for KS3-KS5 students.

Ahoy me hearties! Welcome to a whole day of adventure pirate-style!

How do artists portray the personality, power and position of a person in a single portrait?