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Harrison Decoded: Towards a perfect pendulum clock

In July 2014 the NMM hosted on one-day conference, entitled Decoding Harrison, which presented the story of around forty years of collaborative research into John Harrison’s complex and surprising pendulum clock theory.

Student research internships

Student Internships at Royal Museums Greenwich support research in maritime and naval history, and the history of science and technology.

Student Internships 2017

Royal Museums Greenwich encompasses a unique blend of history, science and art, at the centre of the Greenwich World Heritage site. Student Internships at...

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Time to Move: Relocating the Longcase Clock Collection

Collections Storage Assistant, Alex Strachan, provides a behind the scenes look at how the longcase clock collection is stored when not on display. Collections Storage Assistant, Alex Strachan provides a look behind the scenes at how the longcase clock collection is stored when not on display.

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Maskelyne Symposium

Because last month's Maskelyne Symposium, on 14-15 October, has now happened, the details have been taken off the NMM's website. For posterity, therefore,...


Treasures of Royal Museums Greenwich

Beautifully illustrated and accompanied by extraordinary histories, this book is a celebration of 100 of the most important and exquisite objects in the...