Astrophotography Day Course

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16 June | 10am - 2pm
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
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This event is fully booked. Instructions for shooting the night sky by DSLR, tips on using it with a telescope and a post-processing tutorial. 

Led by an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, course participants will get all the information they need to get started shooting the night sky with a DSLR camera on tripod. This includes details of the type of kit required, how to plan the shoot with freely available software and apps, instructions on the methods for shooting, processing methods for the images to get the most out of them and finally going beyond the DSLR alone to combine with a telescope to capture more specific targets like the Moon, Sun and deep sky objects.

Please note this course will be using example images rather than shooting live and no participant needs to bring a DSLR with them. The course includes 30 minutes break for self-facilitated lunch.

Age: 16+