Astronomy Day Course: The Evolution and Fate of Stars

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7 July | 10.30-14.30
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre, Learning space
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Discover the varied lives of stars, from their birth in vast clouds of interstellar gas, to their sometimes extremely violent deaths. This session will explain the basics of stellar evolution and explore the physics that makes their existence possible. 

This course will begin with the basics of how a star functions, from its power source to its internal structure, and use simple physics to go from these on to how the entire life of a star progresses. It will explore the evolution of stars from their birth on to their sometimes spectacularly violent deaths and look at how star’s composition or the presence of nearby neighbours can greatly change a stars fate.

Throughout, the course will highlight the many techniques astronomers across the world are using to understand these extremely important objects and highlight active, cutting-edge research in this exciting field. The course includes 30 minutes break for self-facilitated lunch.

The course tutor is Dr. Gregory Brown

Banner image: X-ray/optical composite image of NGC 6543, the Cat's Eye Nebula (X-ray: NASA/UIUC/Y.Chu et al., Optical: NASA/HST).