Maritime Lecture Series: Feeding the Georgian Navy: The work of agents victualler

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18 October | 11am - 12.30pm
Adults: £8 | Members: £6
National Maritime Museum, Lecture Theatre
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Part of our Maritime Lecture Series about food, its contexts and histories, Janet Macdonald looks at alternative food suppliers for the navy during the Napoleonic Wars.   

Before and during the Napoleonic Wars, with a few exceptions, food for the navy was supplied via the Admiralty's Victualling Board.  Ships collected it from stores ashore all over the world run by men called Agents Victualler.  Their job often involved an amount of juggling with replacements for items that were in short supply.  But one of these agents, Richard Ford, was termed an Agent Victualler Afloat, and he sailed with Nelson's fleet in the Mediterranean, going ashore when necessary to find supplies.

Janet Macdonald has written a number of books on food as well as one on feeding the Georgian navy.  She took her MA at the Greenwich Maritime Institute, and her PhD at King's College London, where she was awarded a scholarship for her work on the administration of naval supply.

Maritime Lecture Series

This lecture series is themed around food, its contexts and histories, and will tie in with the exciting launch of the National Maritime Museum’s four new galleries. Speakers include Dr Kaori O’Connor on Hawaiian feasts and mariners in the Pacific and Marc Meltonville on how Tudor seafaring changed the British dining table. Find out more about our four new galleries.

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4 October: Kari Herbert - Living in the Arctic

11 October: Marc Meltonville - Putting the World on your Plate