Holiday to Space activity morning

Meridian building and gallery closures

Due to important restoration works, the Meridian Gallery and Building will be closed to our visitors as of 7th of January until 15th of February 2019. Flamsteed House, the Octagon Room, Meridian Line, Great Equatorial Telescope and Meridian shop will be accessible as normal. 

Essential information

Date and time: 
5, 12 April, 31 May–2 June | 10–11.30am
Child or Guardian: £6 | Members: £5
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
Family fun

Start your holiday in our planetarium with a trip through space with Ted the teddy bear!

Start the morning with a sing along to help Ted find the great big bear in our 20-minute Space Safari planetarium show, filled with spectacular views of the planets up close!

Afterwards, take part in a 30-minute workshop in one of our learning spaces, to find out a little more about Ted’s adventure to the planets. Can you choose one that would make a good holiday destination? Help prepare our brave teddy bear for the trip and his stay.

There will be time between the show and workshop to visit the bathrooms, but we recommend bringing any little food and drink supplies for after the planetarium show. Our café will be open for refuelling after the workshop.

The gates to the Astronomy Centre, Royal Observatory, Greenwich, open at 10am. On arrival please proceed to the Planetarium.

Please note that all children must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Ages: 4-7.