Maritime History & Culture Seminars at the IHR

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23 October, 6 November, 4 December, 29 January, 26 February, 12 March, 21 May, 18 June | 5.15pm
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Join us for a series of free talks in central London covering a range of fascinating subjects. Everyone is welcome at our Maritime History & Culture Seminars and there is no need to book. 

Our MHCS series explores all aspects of maritime history and culture. It features talks by historians, archeologists and curators. Past seminars have covered everything from maritime art and naval stragey to Black History and museum exhibitions. 

All seminars take place at 5.15pm-6.30pm in The Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London, WC1E 7HU. 

Seminars typically include a 45-minute talk and a short Q&A session, followed by drinks in the IHR's Common Room or a nearby pub. They provide an opportunity to hear from experts, find out about new research and meet people working in this exciting field.

Everyone is welcome and we hope you can join us.  

Convenors: Aaron Jaffer & Lizelle de Jager

23 October 2018

Anna Beer, 'Ocean's Love: Sir Walter Ralegh and the Sea'

6 November 2018

Abigail Coppins, 'The Revolution comes to Hampshire: Black Revolutionaries in an English Castle, 1796-1800'

4 December 2018

Melanie Bassett, 'Port Towns & Diplomacy: Japanese naval visits to Britain & Australia in the early 20th century'

29 January 2019

Book launch of A New Naval History (editied by Quintin Colville & James Davey)

26 February 2019

Catherine Beck, 'Mental Health at Sea, 1740-1820'

12 March 2019

Ian Buxton, Frank Scott and Andrea Grech La Rosa, 'A Fair Wind: The Past and Future of Sail Technology'

21 May 2019

Markman Ellis, 'A Nation of Tea Drinkers: British Culture and the Global Tea Trade' 

18 June 2019

Claire Denham, Simon Thompson, Chris Jones and Arabella Roberts, 'Saving our Ships: How to Conserve Historic Vessels'