Observatory Unlocked

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Weekends | 11.00am – 2.30pm
Holiday weekdays | 1.05 - 4.15pm
Royal Observatory, Meridian Courtyard
Observatory lectures
Free to members

Drop by and chat with our Observatory Explainers who are bringing the history of astronomy to life.

Enjoy a range of public talks and activities delivered by our Observatory Explainers, ranging from short talks on the hidden stories of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, to solar observing and hands-on science demonstrations. The Observatory Unlocked currently running will help you better understand how people have navigated over the years using only the stars. There will also be demonstrations of how sextants are used for navigation while at sea.

Our team of Observatory Explainers can answer your burning questions about astronomy such as: why do we need dark matter to explain the Universe and how do astronomers know that space is expanding?

Also, if you've always wondered what is involved in modern astronomy research compared to the historic research that took place at the Royal Observatory, then they are the people to ask.

Age: 7+