Above & Beyond exhibition

The ultimate interactive flight exhibition at the National Maritime Museum allowed audiences to experience what space flight is really like and glimpse into its future. 

This exhibition is now closed

This unique immersive experience invited children and families to join the epic journey into the sky and beyond. Visitors were able to encounter the wonder of flight and learn to fly like a bird, design and race a supersonic jet, take an elevator ride to the edge of space, or go on a Marathon to Mars.

The most interactive exhibition on aerospace ever to tour, Above and Beyond was packed with immersive simulations, participative design challenges and visionary concepts for the future. It featured over 10 exciting interactives allowing visitors to get up-close and personal with the technology that makes air and space travel possible.

Above and Beyond also celebrated the amazing power of imagination to achieve the impossible. Could you one day be the first person to land on another planet?

What press and visitors said about Above and Beyond

"Children will have so much fun" ★★★★★ Londonist

"A ground-breaking immersive exhibition" Evening Standard

"Experience a moment of child-like wonder" Time Out

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