Queen's House Conference: Elizabeth I: The Armada and Beyond

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Date and time: 
19-21 April | All day
Full: £150 | Concessions: £120 | Speakers: £100 | Day rates available
National Maritime Museum, Lecture Theatre, Queen's House
Queen's House

Three-day conference exploring Queen Elizabeth I and the consequences of the Spanish Armada

In September 2016, Royal Museums Greenwich acquired the Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I. This remarkable work of art has captured widespread attention from its creation until the present day, providing a defining image of what has come to be seen as a critical moment in history: the failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in the summer of 1588.

This conference will address this moment in time and its consequences both for Elizabeth and her subjects in the immediate aftermath of the Armada and for subsequent generations, as the idea of the Virgin Queen and her great triumph has been shaped and remade throughout history until the present day. It seeks to advance our understanding of the Armada Portrait specifically and Elizabeth I more generally, interrogating popular notions associated with her life and reputation, offering fresh and alternative perspectives.

Keynote speaker

Susan Doran (University of Oxford)

Memory and Commemoration of Elizabeth in the early years of her successor

Full programme

Please note: this programme is a draft and may be subject to change.

File QH 2018 Elizabeth I conference DRAFT PROGRAMME - 25 January


Full rate: £150 [day rates of £70 (Thursday), £40 (Friday), £40 (Saturday)]

Concessionary rate: £120 [day rates £60 (Thursday), £30 (Friday), £30 (Saturday)]

Speakers rate: £100 [day rates £50 (Thursday), £25 (Friday), £25 (Saturday)]

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