Silver Screen Sci-Fi: Contact

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28 April | 6.15pm - 8.30pm
Adult: £10.30 | Concession: £9.30 | Child: £8.20
Royal Observatory, Peter Harrison Planetarium
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A SETI astronomer detects extraterrestrial signals leading to a global effort to question life beyond Earth. 

Enjoy screenings of vintage, cult and blockbuster sci-fi movies in our planetarium, followed by a short talk on the science behind the fiction by a Royal Observatory astronomer. 

Based on the novel of the same name by world-renowned astronomer Carl Sagan, Contact focuses on radio astronomer Dr. Ellie Arroways's (Jodie Foster) search for exterterrestial signs of intelligent life. When such a sign appears she is hurled into the media spotlight eventually leading to the trip of a lifetime that no one would believe.

After the film a Royal Observatory astronomer will pose the question: where in the universe is everyone? Digging into this question they will explore the real life SETI project, the relatively new field of exoplanet hunting and the realistic possibilties of finding and communicating with life in our galaxy the Milky Way.

This event is part of the Royal Observatory Greenwich's 'Universe Unseen' season (April - September 2018).


Cinema style snacks and beverages will be on sale in the foyer before the show.

Certificate: PG