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14th January, 4th February, 3rd March, 31st March
Adult £12.00 | Students (including university) FREE
Royal Observatory, Peter Harrison Planetarium
Observatory lectures
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Listen to astrophysicists from across the UK talk about cutting edge research in space science

This series of talks provides a rare opportunity for students to hear scientists from around the UK talk about the latest research in the fields of astronomy, physics, planetary geology and space exploration. It includes the opportunity to ask these experts questions about their research and the wider field of astronomy.
These talks are aimed at students between the ages of 13-18 but there are limited spaces for the public too. University students must provide valid student ID and all free student tickets must be booked in advance. 
Age: 11+

Upcoming Lectures

14th January 2020

Extra-solar planetary systems formation: from observations to theory

Sanson Poon (Queen Mary University of London)

Artist's impression of the formation of the solar system. Pale yellow and orange rings of gas and dust surround the faint yellow Sun, only just formed. Blue-white comets with long tails arc towards the Sun.

Our understanding of extra-solar planetary systems has undergone a revolution in recent years due to major advances in the observations of exoplanets. The planetary system architectures are found to be very diverse, consisting of closely orbiting compact multiple systems of super-Earths and terrestrial planets, and widely spaced systems of giant planets. PhD researcher Sanson Poon discusses the big unsolved questions of how these planetary systems formed and evolved to create the diversity that we now observe.