The VIP Tea Experience | After-Hours Tour & Tea Tasting Workshop


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18 September 2019 | 6.45pm & 7.50pm
Cutty Sark
Cutty Sark Lates

A small, expert-led tea tasting workshop with an after-hours tour of the world's most famous tea clipper.

Explore a journey around the Cutty Sark and into the world of tea. Following an exclusive after-hours tour of this world famous ship, you will join UK Tea Academy Course Manager and Head Brewer, Carri Hecks, for an insightful and refreshingly delicious dip into a few of the teas grown along Cutty Sark’s original trade route.

You will learn what makes each tea different, how to analyse the many flavours and how to savour each sip. As you learn, you can take in the magnificent space beneath the ship’s glimmering hull, as a host of antique ship’s figureheads watch over you. 

With only 20 participants per session, this is a VIP experience for tea lovers and a rare opportunity to experience Cutty Sark in a brand new way in its 150th year. 

About Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark was built 150 years ago, in Dumbarton, Scotland. The ship was designed to serve the China tea trade, to meet the demand in Victorian Britain for fine black teas.

The ship usually loaded over 600,000kg of tea, packed in over 10,000 tea chests - that's enough tea to make more than 200 million cups!
Cutty Sark was originally built to last just 30 years, but in 2019 we are celebrating its 150th year. Celebrate with us this year by joining one of our exciting events or special performances.