World Oceans Day 2020

2020 is the third year Royal Museums Greenwich has celebrated World Oceans Day - but this time we're bringing it online!

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antarctica Knaive Theatre

Take a journey through Antarctica

Knaïve Theatre presents Antarctica: an unique interactive experience for families. Professor Amundsen is waiting now to begin your learning adventure - make sure you watch to the end...

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The Displaced by Serge Attukwei Clottey, screened as part of Longitudinal Dialogues with The Line London (images courtesy of the artist)

Meet artists inspired by the sea

Watch a special screening of The Displaced, a work by Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey, and hear an exclusive conversation with him from his studio in Accra. 

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World Oceans Day craft banner.

Get stuck in with ocean crafts and kitchen science

These fun craft and science sessions will reveal all the wonderful organisms that live and lurk beneath the waves, and what we can do to keep our ocean clean and healthy. 

Make an ocean in a bottle

Welcome to World Oceans Day 2020

We’re partnering with individuals and organisations from across the world to bring you a whole day's worth of exciting virtual events, activities, debates, music and discussions.

Everything is available right here to enjoy on our World Oceans Day page and on social media, so make sure you're following us to take part.

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Event highlights

Join our World Oceans Day quiz

Want to see how your knowledge of the sea stacks up against our seasoned quizmasters? Join our live online quiz and test yourself on everything from weird creatures of the deep to songs of the sea and maritime history. Find out more

Ships, Sea & the Stars World Oceans Day special

Join presenter Helen Czerski and our expert panel to discuss our relationship with our ocean. Find out more

Go on a journey through Antarctica

antarctica Knaive Theatre

Knaïve Theatre presents Antarctica; an interactive, immersive, educational experience for Key Stage 2 children and their families. Play now

Chill out with an exclusive World Oceans Day music mix

Just in case you’re missing the sound of the waves, take time out and tune in to an exclusive mix from DJ and radio presenter Nick LuscombeListen now

Explore Ocean Science in Your Kitchen

Try these simple experiments to investigate how ocean currents work, and how the changing global climate is affecting our oceans. Watch more

Meet Nikki Henderson: the youngest ever skipper of a round the world race

Nikki Henderson

From freeze dried food to sailing with Greta Thunberg: read more about sailor Nikki Henderson's relationship with the ocean. Read now

World Oceans Day schedule

Check out the full schedule of events below, and sign up to our newsletter to find out more about what's coming up online at Royal Museums Greenwich

10.00am Welcome from Paddy Rodgers, Director of Royal Museums Greenwich

10.30am Craft time! Make an ocean in a bottle

11am Watch and learn How can we protect the ocean from illegal fishing?

11.30am Science in Your Kitchen: learn about salinity and density

12:00pm Take a break: try chi kung with Metafleur

12.30pm Meet the artist: Watch The Displaced by Serge Attukwei Clottey

1.00pm World Oceans Day music mix - listen now

2.00pm Craft time! Wind, Water & Ice: create art from plastic bags

2.30pm Science in Your Kitchen: learn about salt and the sea

3.00pm Craft time! Create your own sea creature

3.30pm Science in Your Kitchen: learn about ocean temperatures

4.00pm Craft time! Create an ocean diagram using potato prints

4.30pm Take part: Knaive Theatre presents ‘Antarctica’

5.00pm Watch live: Ships, Sea & the Stars: World Oceans Day special

6.45pm Take part: World Oceans Day quiz

Why are we celebrating World Oceans Day?

Paddy Rodgers, Director of Royal Museums Greenwich, explains why Royal Museums Greenwich is marking World Oceans Day online 

Our lives are all dependent on the ocean. It’s how we travel, trade and resource our existence.

We may not view it every day, but its influence on us, and our effect on it, is woven into the fabric of our lives.

The National Maritime Museum is creating a space to interrogate our relationship with the ocean, to raise awareness of its constant influence and consider the care we need to take now, to ensure our ocean, our climate and our environment remain safe for future generations.  

The platform of World Oceans Day gives an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the ocean. it’s a day for inspiration and collaboration, as we seek a better understanding of how to support a healthy ocean, to create a healthier, sustainable global climate and an environment habitable for all. 

A global gathering - our partners and supporters

Royal Museums Greenwich is partnering with organisations and individuals from across the world as part of World Oceans Day 2020, including, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, Canada House and Lloyd's Register Foundation.

Royal Museums Greenwich's mission of awareness, education, and action to understand and protect the ocean and Earth is critical to creating a sustainable future for our blue planet. We at World Oceans Day are delighted to partner with the Museum on this important work.

Jeff Demain, World Oceans Day manager


(Main photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash)