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War boats - Hodges.png

Artist William Hodges made studies of the Pacific islands while on board ship with Captain Cook. Back in London, he turned these sketches into larger canvases for exhibition at the Royal Academy. Trained in the traditions of Western painting, Hodges created a European vision of the Pacific as an earthly paradise that continues in art and the imagination today.


This famous image by Wright of Derby encapsulates how astronomy - studying the stars - became a social activity in the 18th century.

Adi Yeta - Drua 2 tile.jpg

Get up close to this beautiful example of Fijian craftsmanship: a double-hulled sailing canoe.


The Prime Meridian was defined at the Royal Observatory Greenwich by the legendary Airy Transit Circle telescope.

Altazimuth Pavillion L8627-014_slider.JPG

See the perfectly formed Altazimuth Pavilion for free at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Angle clock by Tompion_attraction_slider.jpg

Imagine if you created a whole new type of clock, how would it work? Find Flamsteed's brilliant (but doomed) attempt to make a perfect astronomers' clock.