The blunderbuss which belonged to Nanna Olomu of the Niger Delta

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Locate this boat gun made in 1790. Around a hundred years later it was seized from Chief Nana Olomu's armoury by the British during a raid in West Africa.

The gun has a stock which is fitted with a brass ramrod pipe with a steel ramrod. There is also a very long plain brass trigger guard and a flat butt plate which is fitted with a swivel. The gun has a flintlock and a brass barrel flared at the muzzle. The calibre is 1.75 inches.

The gun is engraved on the lockplate: 'COOPER LONDON'.

It is likely that the gun was taken by Admiral Sir Frederick George Denham Bedford during the Benin Expedition of 1894 where a large quantity of arms and ammunition was taken from the armoury of chief Nana Olomu (1852-1916) against whom the punitive expedition was waged.