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10am–5pm daily
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre

If you have ever wondered how stars and planets are born, what astronomers do during the daytime or even about our place in the universe, the interactive Weller Astronomy Galleries at the Royal Observatory will help you unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

Watch how the universe was formed from Big Bang to now, get answers to the big questions from our on-screen experts, guide a space mission, try your hand at being an astronomer and use the interactive table-top to get answers to your astronomy questions.

Astronomy Inspires gallery

See how the universe expanded from the smallest and how our solar system was formed. The Astronomy Inspires gallery showcases an orrery from the 19th century which demonstrates the motion of the planets. Alongside is a state-of-the-art projection wall showing the how the Universe formed: from the Big Bang to now in four minutes!

Astronomy Explores gallery

Find out how to use different techniques to explore the Universe. Try your hand at guiding a space mission – you make the decisions about what to take and how to get there: will you have what it takes to lead a successful mission?

Astronomy Questions gallery

Use the interactive table-top to pick out questions about space and hear our experts give you answers to the big questions, including 'What is dark matter?'. Please note: this interactive is currently out of action and we are working to restore it as soon as we can.

Entrance to the Astronomy Centre is free.