Hubble Vision exhibition

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Essential information

Opening times: 
Daily until 13 May 2019 | 10am–5.30pm
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre

From galaxies formed billions of years ago to planets within our solar system, Hubble Vision explores how the Hubble Space Telescope has changed the way we imagine and unserstand the universe.

Come to the Astronomy Centre at the Royal Observatory for a free exhibition of spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope spanning three decades. 

The exhibition includes:

  • 31 illuminated images
  • An interactive featuring 100 ‘best of Hubble’ images as chosen by NASA
  • Three films exploring Hubble and the upcoming James Webb telescope

Discover more about space and the technology we use to understand it through these key topics:

  • How early technology developed to become the space telescopes we know today
  • How Hubble reveals images that cannot be seen by the human eye
  • Dark matter
  • Planets in our solar system
  • Extrasolar planets 
  • Star and galaxy formation and death
  • The Big Bang and the evolution of the universe
  • The future of space telescopes

Images in banner: The magnificent starburst galaxy Messier 82; New view of the pillars of creation; Hubble mosaic of the majestic Sombrero Galaxy; New infrared view of the Horsehead Nebula — Hubble’s 23rd anniversary image. All: ESA/Hubble