Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Vase

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National Maritime Museum, First floor, Traders gallery

Lloyd's Patriotic Fund vase presented to John Fam Timins for his part in the defeat of a French squadron in 1804.

For this action as part of a fleet of East India merchant ships under Commodore Dance, Timins also received a £50 Lloyd's sword, and a valuable gift of plate from the merchants and shipowners of Bombay.

The Patriotic Fund was founded at a meeting at Lloyd's Coffee House at the Royal Exchange, London, in 1803. It set up a national subscription used to vote money to those wounded in action, and to the dependants of those killed, and also gave awards of merit in the form of money, silver and presentation swords. Between 1804 and 1809 sixty six Patriotic Fund silver vases went to naval and military officers in recognition of distinguished services. John Flaxman, the sculptor, produced the final design for the vases, which were all similar and supplied by the Royal Goldsmiths, Rundell, Bridge and Rundell, and made by different silversmiths.