Stockings worn by Nelson (1758-1805) at the Battle of Trafalgar

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National Maritime Museum, Second floor, Nelson Navy Nation gallery

On that bloody but victorious day Nelson stood and fell in these very clothes.

These non-regulation stockings are finely knitted using white thread. At the top, where they would be secured with a garter, on both sides of each stocking is the numeral 'II' below an 'N', underneath a coronet. These laundry marks have been worked in cross stitch using blue thread. The toes, sole and heel of the stockings have been knitted using a slightly heavier gauge of wool that is also slightly darker in colour. This would serve to both reinforce areas that received heavy wear and provide added warmth. 

The stockings are heavily blood stained, the blood is probably that of Nelson's secretary, Scott, killed earlier in the action.