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Imagine if you created a whole new type of clock, how would it work? Find Flamsteed's brilliant (but doomed) attempt to make a perfect astronomers' clock.

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Paddy Hartley has focused on the stories of Walter Yeo and William Vicarage who were both injured at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. Tracing the families of both men, Paddy has created eight artworks in response to each man's extraordinary life story, and whose surgery fundamentally advanced the way in which facial reconstructive surgery was performed.

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Who are the people whose work at the Royal Observatory was so important in our understanding of the universe?


This fanciful print sets the stage for sociable star gazing. Well-dressed gentlemen and ladies converse in a fashionable garden, complete with classical ruins. They use a number of astronomical instruments – an armillary sphere, telescope and globe.

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Whether you are after the last word in tea-related sophistication or something to amuse your little cabin boy or girl, don't sail on by the shop!