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Come aboard Cutty Sark and discover how her crew lived, where they ate, slept - and even where they went to the loo.


This telescope at the Royal Observatory Greenwich became a crucial reference point for astronomers, navigators and cartographers alike.


James Clark Ross was one of the great polar explorers, a star of his day who used the Pole Star to discover the North Pole. 

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Get more from National Maritime Museum Collections with the Compass Lounge.

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The Queen's House is home to a rich collection of contemporary artwork on free display. These artists have responded to contemporary concerns of nationhood, migration, tradition, and life at sea in their own unique and diverse ways.

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Cutty Sark sailed with two bells - a larger bell, on the monkey foc's'le (the raised deck at the bow) and a smaller bell at the rear, located on the poop deck (the raised deck on the stern). 


Do you have what it takes to steer 963 tons of Victorian tea clipper on the high seas?

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This shining vane was awarded to the ship for a record passage to Sydney.