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Browse over 100 amazing attractions at Royal Museums Greenwich, including Nelson's Trafalgar coat, John Harrison's famous timepieces and Turner's largest painting.

Royal Observatory Greenwich - Flamsteed House.jpg

Get up close to beautiful Flamsteed House at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and historic home to Britain's Astronomers Royal.

The Kongouro from New Holland' (Kangaroo)_slider.JPG

Did you know that Stubbs's iconic image of a kangaroo was modelled using a stuffed or inflated pelt?

Cutty Sark L8623-026_tile.JPG

See the terrifying height of Cutty Sark's masts and touch the 11 miles of rigging that helped make her the fastest ship of her day.


Whip out your camera and grab a selfie at Yinka Shonibare's replica of Nelson's HMS Victory in a bottle - one of the most photographed artworks in London! #ExploreGreenwich.

Grand Orrery_slider.JPG

Observe the motions of the planets in the night sky without ever leaving your parlour.

Richard Wright's Great Hall ceiling

Stand within the perfect cube of the Great Hall and revel in Turner Prize-winning artist Richard Wright's intricate and unique design for its ceiling.

Greenwich Aerial View.JPG

The Greenwich Maritime Walk takes in all the iconic sites of historic Greenwich, including the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum.