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Browse over 100 amazing attractions at Royal Museums Greenwich, including Nelson's Trafalgar coat, John Harrison's famous timepieces and Turner's largest painting.

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The Greenwich Meridian Trail is a 273-mile walk across the length of England, via the historic Greenwich Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory.

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See stunning modern architecture in Greenwich London, including the Peter Harrison Planetarium at the Royal Observatory and the Sammy Ofer wing at the National Maritime Museum.

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Discover the treasures of the National Maritime Museum with an expert guide. 

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This book survived a mutiny and decades on a remote Pacific island 

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From galaxies formed billions of years ago to planets within our solar system, Hubble Vision explores how the Hubble Space Telescope has changed the way we imagine and unserstand the universe.


Wearing gold armour and jewelled sandals with lion-mask tops, James, Duke of York is depicted in the ostentatious tradition of the swagger portrait.


Discover the Great Map at the centre of the National Maritime Museum, a giant atlas from which you can explore the world and our collections, join in with events and play interactive games - no matter what age you are. And it's all free!

Battleship Warspite at Rosyth in 1916, showing damage received at the Battle of Jutland (slider)

Our free Jutland 1916 gallery at the National Maritime Museum was opened to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, the largest sea battle of the First World War. The display presents the compelling story of the ships, technology, strategy and impact of the battle on both the men who fought and their families.


Discover Polar expeditions, indigenous communities, scientific discovery, and Arctic and Antarctic wildlife.