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Helman’s print after a painting by Le Prince shows the extent to which star gazing could become impolite and risqué in the 18th century. Although an activity encouraged between men and women, it also offered the possibility for intrigue after dark.


Painted by much-loved English artist L.S. Lowry in 1959, Deptford Power Station is shown with its chimneys belching black smoke into a pale sky. 

Charon and Pluto

Discover more about the moons of the Solar System in this photography exhibition. From our familiar Moon to the lava world of Io, or toxic lakes on Titan, this exhibition showcases the fantastic variety of moons in our Solar System.

mask of youth_maurice collishaw.jpg

Discover more about the Mask of Youth, a work by contemporary artist Mat Collishaw made in response to the Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I at the Queen's House.