Royal Museums Greenwich social media code of conduct

It’s important to us that our community offers a positive experience for everyone, so we ask each of you to respect and follow our social code of conduct. 

We aim to enrich people’s understanding of sea and space exploration, art, architecture and British history. By exploring our world and our universe, we discover more about humanity and the possibilities of human endeavour.

Our social media channels allow our friends and followers to discover inspiring stories of human endeavour, courage, conflict and imagination. We invite you to get closer to the objects in our collection, engage with our experts, join the conversation and share your views.

Social media code of conduct

Protect privacy

Avoid posting personal information. Posts that include an email address, phone number, address or other personal information may be removed.

Stay on topic

We welcome good debate and discussion, and we ask that comments are relevant to the original post. Off-topic posts or comments are likely to be removed, as are duplicate message across multiple unrelated posts.

Be respectful

Avoid posting any hateful, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory or harassing comments, images or videos, or anything that could be deemed offensive to others. Such comments and posts will be removed, and will most likely result in you being banned or blocked.

Don't advertise or self-promote

Avoid making posts or comments that serve as advertisements for yourself or others. Links, images and messages that advertise or promote the goods or services of individuals, businesses or causes, will likely be removed and result in you being banned or blocked.

Don’t infringe intellectual property

Avoid posting anything that is not your original creative content or that you do not have a lawful right to post. Infringed branded logos, graphics, copyrighted text, images or videos that come to our attention will be removed, and you risk being banned or blocked.

Know what to expect

We monitor social media platforms between 09.30 and 16.30 GMT Monday to Friday, excluding UK national holidays. We aim to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible during these hours. Some enquiries can take longer to resolve. There is a lot of helpful information relating to the collection, exhibitions and general visiting information on this website.

Due to high level of demand we cannot always respond to astronomy related enquiries or enquiries which do not relate directly to our collection.

We try to respond to all enquiries within reason, however if your enquiry is deemed to be off topic, or you post what is deemed to be an unreasonable level of enquiries, we may not respond.

Unfortunately, we are only able to respond to enquiries made in English.

If there are serious or repeated breaches of the above guidelines you may be blocked from our channels.

Where to find us

We are active across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Some channels have various accounts relating to all four of our sites.

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