Top things to do with kids

Explore Greenwich with the kids and enjoy fun-packed activities across three world-class attractions: Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum.

Must see for kids

Meet the crew

Captain Woodget on the Cutty SarkMeet colourful characters from Cutty Sark’s past and discover stories of life on board the fastest ship of her day.
3+ years | Cutty Sark | Read moreBook now

Tour the universe in London's only planetarium

Image of audience at London's planetarium in Greenwich
Take a seat and experience the wonders of the night sky with expert commentary from real astronomers.
All ages | Peter Harrison Planetarium, Royal Observatory | Current shows | Book now

Stand on the Prime Meridian Line

Family standing astride the Prime Meridian Line
Stand with one foot in the west and the other in the east on the historic Prime Meridian of the World, at the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Don't forget to share your selfie #PrimeMeridian
All ages | Royal Observatory | Read more | Book now

Get hands-on 

Hands on in AHOY! children's gallery

AHOY! Children's Gallery

Polar exploration, pirates and a host of other maritime themes are brought to life in this playful and immersive gallery.
0-7 years | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

Cutty Sark interactive games

Explore the ship’s fascinating history through games and interactive displays and learn what life was like on board the ship.
Ages 0-6 | Cutty Sark | Read moreBook now

Ship Simulator

Become the captain of a ship and try your hand at manoeuvring into port using the state-of-the-art bridge simulator – but remember to bring your sea legs as it can get choppy!
6-12 years | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

All Hands children's gallery

Fire a cannon and shoot down a dastardly pirate ship in our interactive game. Help prepare food in the ship’s galley and find out about the strange meals sailors ate on board.
6-12 years | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

Touch a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite

Touch an object that is as old as the Earth and the Sun itself.
All ages | Free  | Royal Observatory | Read more

Journey across the Great Map

Explore the globe on this giant atlas. Play with giant ships, try some interactive games, or grab a refreshment from the Great Map Café.
All ages | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

Explore and learn

Astronomy galleries, Royal Observatory

Astronomy centre galleries

Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, guide a space mission and see how the Universe formed from the Big Bang to now.
All ages | Free | Royal Observatory | Read more

Cutty Sark Captain's cabin and bunk beds

Come aboard Cutty Sark and discover how her crew lived, where they ate, slept - and even where they went to the loo.
All ages | Cutty Sark | Read moreBook now

Sea Things gallery

A new gallery with over 600 sea objects, talking sculptural busts and hands-on activities and quizzes to discover and share.
All ages | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more