Astronomy Questions

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Date and time: 
Wednesday May 27th | 1pm - 2pm
Online, Royal Observatory
Community astronomy

Have you always wanted to know more about astronomy? Or do you have a child who is curious about space? Learn more about space during our Q&A sessions with a Royal Observatory astronomer! 

Join us during May Half Term for a Question and Answer session with our Royal Observatory astronomer, Dr Greg Brown! Dr Brown will be giving a short introduction about how stars and planets form and then the audience, adults and children alike, will be able to ask questions about all-things related to space.
From understanding dark matter to finding out what happens when you fall inside a black hole, you’ll be able to find out everything you wanted to know about our Universe!

Ages: 7+

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Important information

  • This is a free Astronomy Q&A pilot session. The Zoom link and information on how to join the session will be in the Eventbrite confirmation email. Please keep the email so you can join the sessions easily.
  • If children are participating, we advise that adults offer support during the session.
  • Numbers are limited to the event and we ask that you book a place in advance so that we can plan for the correct numbers. If you book and are unable to attend, please let us know so we can offer it to another visitor.
  • Sessions will be held on Zoom. This application is not affiliated with the museum, we have staff monitoring every session and will eject participants presenting any inappropriate behaviours. We advise that you take the time to read the terms and conditions on Zoom's website for your own information and safety.

How do I join a live online session?

  1. Follow the link to book your place via Royal Museums Greenwich’s Event Brite page.
  2. Once you have booked your ticket, you will receive an email confirming your place on your chosen Live Online Workshop. Open the email, the email will contain a link and password to the prescheduled workshop.
  3. When it is time for your scheduled event click the link on your email. This will take you to your chosen event which is being hosted through an application called ZOOM. You will be asked for your meeting I.D and Password. These should come up automatically but if not they can be found on your original email.
  4. Please use an appropriate username (e.g. first name) for the Zoom session.
  5. You will be asked to activate your computer video to confirm your identity at the beginning of the session. Once this happens, your computer audio and video will be disconnected for the entirety of the session. If you wish to communicate with the host or ask questions, then please directly ask the host in the chat function.  
  6. If you sign in before the workshops begins you will be asked to wait in a virtual waiting room.
  7. Please note that you are in a session with many other participants, please be considerate of others when asking questions.
  8. These sessions are monitored at all times. Any behaviour deemed to be inappropriate will result in participants being removed from the session and being reported to the appropriate authorities where necessary.
  9. We support independent learning for children but we hold the safety and well-being of children in higher regard. Therefore we ask that an adult is present when children are partaking.
  10. Extra activities may be suggested at the end of the session. Links for additional tasks will be put in the chat room for further learning.
  11. Your host will inform you when the session is finished. When you have finished your session close your tab and sign out of zoom if you signed in at the beginning.