Discovery Map (SEND)


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Geography, History, Literacy, Maths
National Maritime Museum
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In this part-facilitated/part-self-guided session, our skilled facilitator will introduce pupils and teachers to our tactile Discovery Map. You will then be encouraged to use the map to become the captain of your own voyage, exploring our galleries to discover life at sea and in far-off places through touch, smell, sound and sight.

Using a beautifully crafted tactile map, your pupils will discover life at sea and in far-off places through touch, smell, sound or sight. Navigate across oceans, feel inside the pockets and lift the flaps to discover gold mines, exotic plants or a polar bear’s den. This session has been specifically designed to ensure the pupils experience the Museum to its fullest by accessing the sounds and spaces, smells, colours and textures.

The Discovery map gives the students the opportunity to become the captain of their own voyage around the museum. Each section of our sensory discovery map is connected to a specific gallery or object. Our skilled facilitator will introduce pupils and their support staff to the map and explain how to use it to its fullest before they go off to discover the gallery it is connected to.

Pupils will:

• enjoy sounds, smells, colours and textures through multi-sensory learning

• explore a museum environment at their own leisure

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