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Type Family fun
Date and Times Sunday 30 May, Tuesday 1 June, Thursday 3 June, Sunday 6 June | 10.30am, 12pm, 2pm and 3.30pm
Prices Free | £1 booking fee (non-refundable)
National Maritime Museum → Ground floor → Learning space
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This half-term, join our free workshops and explore the ways sailors kept their spirits up and their moods positive through activities promoting wellbeing.

All ages and abilities

Please Note: Free tickets. £1 non-refundable booking fee applicable to bookings online and over the phone. 

Folklore at Sea: Tales, Songs and Facts

Date: Sunday 30 May 

Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Join Olivia for an interactive storytelling session for the whole family. With sea-bound folktales and stories of life on board ship, explore how sailors kept busy and kept their spirits up whilst away from home.

Sea Shanty: Spin Drum & Tambourines

Date:  Tuesday 1 June 

Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Music, singing and entertainment kept homesick sailors’ spirits up! Create your own spin drum with artist Charlotte, and discover how they are used as part of sea shanties. 

A sketch book with sailor illustrations in ink and scrawled lyrics to a sea shanty

Explorers: Sailing the Polar Seas

Date:  Thursday 3 June

Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Inspired by polar exploration, join storyteller Dani and work as a family to create your own story to keep you entertained on a long sea voyage into the ice! 

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Sailors: A Day on Board Ship

Date:  Sunday 6 June

Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Sea travel was slow and often sailors could be away for years. They needed a way to keep entertained and playing games with others on board was the solution. Come along and create your own game that you can take away to play at home.  

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Surviving the Seven Seas

This half-term, join our free workshops and explore the ways in which sailors kept their spirits up and their moods positive through activities promoting wellbeing. Families with their children will discover how to make some board games, musical instruments that sailors used to use on board or pretend to go on a journey on board of a ship.

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