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Date and Times Tuesday 5 October | 7pm-8pm
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National Maritime Museum → Ground floor → Lecture Theatre

We send robots to Mars in general to search for evidence for extraterrestrial life, in particular ancient life. On February 18 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed at Jezero crater in a nail-biting landing sequence. The mission represents the most complex, capable rover ever sent to Mars. It is also the first step in a multi-stage campaign to return surface samples back to Earth in order to seek signs of ancient life on the red planet. 

In this talk, Professor Sanjeev Gupta will discuss the early adventures of the rover as it begins its geological exploration of Jezero crater. 

Professor Gupta of Imperial College London is a geologist, helping NASA oversee mission operations from a science and engineering point of view, helping decide where the rover will go and what it will sample.

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Banner Image: Perseverance Rover © NASA