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Type Daytime
National Maritime Museum
Date and Times Saturday 2 October 2021 | 11am - 4pm
Prices Free

Join us for a community takeover of the National Maritime Museum as we come together in collective spirit to celebrate the creativity, resilience and brilliance of our local communities.

Event programme

Games Without Wires

11am - 4pm

Join the Caribbean Social Forum for a day of fun and games. Come and play your favourite games – and discover new ones too. 

Collective Spirit: Memories in the Breeze


Front of a boat sailing at sea
Image: Toby Adamson and Michael Austen

An 'on-the-line' workshop exploring the precious things we hold dear. Participants are invited to draw and describe a cherished or memorable item (keepsakes, ornaments, memorabilia, souvenirs, medals, toys etc) on postcards and add them to our washing line of memories.

This workshop has been inspired by Collective Spirit, a state-of-the-art racing yacht made up of wooden objects donated by members of the public. From pieces of the Mary Rose to the International Space Station, more than 1200 items were donated to Lone Twin’s ‘Boat Project’ as raw building material.

See Collective Spirit on display in front of the National Maritime Museum until November 2021. 

Find out more about Collective Spirit


Sea Stories Future Travel Agency

11am - 4pm

The Sea Stories Future Travel Agency: where would you like to travel to in 2071?

A strange quirk of the ocean currents has allowed time travelling tourists to visit the year 2071, 50 years into a greener, kinder, fairer future. We want to know what kind of sites they might visit there. We could peruse an advert about a tour of the Last Oil Rig - now decommissioned and left as a monument to our fossil fuel driven past or we could contemplate a diving course taking place in Hull reef, visiting the now submerged city and seeing its reclamation into the natural world.

Take part in workshops with artists and create stories about the future of our oceans and waterways in the format of a travel brochure advert for the Sea Stories Future Travel Agency.

Community View of Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits

11am - 4pm

A portrait of a young Elizabeth II against a red backdrop
Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding, hand coloured by Beatrice Johnson, 1952 © National Portrait Gallery, London

We are giving away free tickets to our current special exhibition Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits for this day only. The exhibition will be closing at the end of October, so make sure you get the chance to see it! Email to reserve your free ticket, first-come-first-serve.

Visit the exhibition

Tai Chi

12pm - 1pm

Watch a demonstration of the historic martial art practice led by Newham Chinese Association, then take part and have a go yourself during this mindful workshop. 

Citizens UK in Greenwich

1.30pm - 3pm

Meet our local volunteers who are on a mission to improve the wellbeing of Greenwich residents. Join their creative workshop led by Creating Ground and find out what they're up to. 

About Creating Ground:

Creating Ground CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that works with women from migrant backgrounds to promote cross-cultural awareness, learning and sharing across different communities in South East London through collaborative arts and educational projects. 

The organisation use participatory arts, social action and training to bring people together, improve wellbeing and create change at personal and collective levels.

For more info on Creating Ground's work, please visit

About Greenwich Wellbeing Action:

Greenwich Wellbeing Action is a group of Royal Borough of Greenwich residents and parents who have been meeting regularly since spring 2021. As part of Greenwich Citizens, we are organising and taking action to support better parent and family wellbeing and mental health in Greenwich.

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