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Type Family fun
Date and Times Saturday 7 August | 10:30am - 11:30am
Prices £5 per device

Held before the predicted sighting of the next New Crescent Moon, a Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomer will guide young and old alike through the night sky, highlighting Arabic tales about characters and creatures that people imagined seeing by joining together the bright stars in the sky.

Find out which stars astronomers still call by their original Arabic names and what some of those stars are famous for today. The astronomer presenting will also talk about the Moon and why it seems to change shape over the course of a month. This particular Astronomy and Islam event will be pitched at a family audience and therefore is suitable for a younger age range (recommended 7+).

The New Crescent Society will be joining us to explain how the Islamic Calendar works, and will practically teach us to sight the New Crescent moon for the next Islamic month.

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