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Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre
Date and Times Tours run daily from 13 to 18 September | See page for details
Prices Free

The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre is home to the Royal Museums Greenwich stored collections and state of the art conservation studios. 
This unique facility is full of inspiring objects which normally would be away from public view. 

Heritage open day tours: Edible England 

This year we are celebrating the theme of Edible England through a series of specialist tours. 

Ration bag belonging to Captain Scott.

Food and drink is very much at the heart of our culture. What we eat and how we eat it, tells us about who we are as a nation. But where that food comes from can also give us an insight into what makes us, us.  

For this year's Heritage Open Days, Royal Museums Greenwich will be opening the collections centre for free with a new exclusive tour all about food. From 13–18 September we will be running family friendly tours, three times a day! 

Join us as we discover different food related items within our collection including many riches such as: ration bags from Captain Scott’s last expedition, snacks from the Titanic, unique condiments and London’s oldest coconut. In addition, discover where kitchen cupboard essentials such as tea, sugar, salt and potatoes come from and how they came to this small island. 

Booking is essential. If you cannot make the tour, please cancel your booking so we can offer it to others.

About The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre

Set on the grounds of a former RAF base in Kidbrooke, Royal Museums Greenwich store thousands of collections in the stores which once was a barrage balloon depot in the second world war. Visitors to the Prince Philip Maritime Collection Centre will see a contrast of architecture with our new state of the collection stores and conservation studios next to the former RAF buildings. 

Despite storing the museum’s collection since the early 1970s – members of the public rarely have had the chance to see the behind scenes. With the collection comprising of 2.5 million objects, the vast majority are kept in storage, generally out of public view. Many items are genuine treasures of the Museum, which can occasionally be shown in exhibitions but over the Heritage open days the public will be able to see this Aladdin’s cave of treasures. 

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Inside the collections storage facility and conservation studio of Royal Museums Greenwich

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Go behind the scenes at The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre and explore our state of the art conservation studio and collections store.