Sky and Scope

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We're Making Improvements. There will be no lift access to Flamsteed House or the Time and Longitude gallery for the foreseeable future. The Meridian Line and Gallery are still accessible via wheelchair. Find out more about accessibility at Royal Museums Greenwich


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Date and time: 
13 July, 3 August, 14 September | 10am
Peter Harrison Planetarium
10% members discount

Get and in-depth overview of the season's night sky in this advanced planetarium show for experienced stargazers with access to the historic site.

Join a Royal Observatory astronomer for an advanced guide to the night sky this season. This extended Sky Tonight Live show is intended for experienced stargazers looking to forego the basics for an in-depth exploration of what to find and capture over the coming months. Featuring high-level concepts, as well as up-to-the-minute observing news, the show is ideally suited to those familiar wih astronomy jargon and some experience with a telescope or binoculars.

Save 50% on the price of a planetarium show alongside access to the historic Royal Observatory, with Explainer-led activity and time to explore at your leisure.

Age: 16+