Sky and Scope

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Date and time: 
2 November, 14 December 2019 | 10am
Peter Harrison Planetarium
Observatory lectures
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Get an in-depth overview of the season's night sky in this advanced planetarium show for experienced stargazers with access to the historic site.

Join a Royal Observatory astronomer for an indepth guide to the night sky this season. This is an extended, adult-only Sky Tonight Live show, intended for astronomy enthusiasts or anyone who would like to explore space in more detail. The show will not only discuss the plethora of objects in the night sky over the upcoming weeks, but will take a more detailed look at what we cannot necessarily see with the naked eye.

Note: Visitors save 50% on the price of a planetarium show alongside access to the historic Royal Observatory, with Explainer-led activity and time to explore at your leisure.

Age: 16+


The November Sky and Scope planetarium show will be led by Royal Observatory Astronomer Dr Edward Bloomer. Learn about how the stars have been mapped over the years and how the location of the stars helps us now. The fate of stars will be discussed using telescope observations of beautiful and haunting nebulae. We'll also consider astronomical phenomena which help illuminate our understanding of the large-scale evolution of the cosmos, take a few trips around our Solar System and hopefully have a little time to answer audience questions about literally anything in the Universe!